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Meet The Larson Company: Premier Equipment & Furniture Supplier in Northern Illinois

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Welcome to our blog! The Larson Equipment and Furniture Company is excited to kick off 2020 with a new blog, monthly newsletter, and social media presence! Is your facility up to date on the latest design trends for the new year?

Make sure your facility is prepared to take on the next decade – that may include renovating or refurbishing your existing fixed seating, replacing a gymnasium bleacher or outdoor grandstand, adding functional storage space, redesigning a playground, or upgrading your furniture to 21st century standards. Whatever renovations you have in mind, we are ready to assist you!

Who is the Larson Equipment and Furniture Company?

We are a unique equipment and furniture dealership made up of products specific to the industries we serve. The Larson Company’s primary focus is products for the education industry, however many of these products are also used in a variety of environments including the healthcare, worship, corporate and public sectors. We’ve been servicing places of assembly for over 75 years and have earned a solid reputation as the Premier Equipment & Furniture Supplier in Northern Illinois!

Larson Company - Industries and Markets - Corporate

What is a Furniture Dealership?

We help clients find the best solutions for their environment by learning what your needs are, fulfilling those needs, and then maintaining your investment for years to come. Think of The Larson Equipment and Furniture Company as your partner who has access to the highest quality furniture & equipment, innovative designs, and the ability to make sure your project is delivered and installed correctly.

  • Help you gain access to furniture products that are not sold directly to end-users
  • Manage your project from beginning to end
  • A dealership that will maintain your investment

Why Choose The Larson Equipment and Furniture Company?

We take pride in continuously adapting to the changing needs of our clients in every industry. Our team keeps up with the latest trends for your environment to provide cutting edge products while maintaining a competitive edge. The Larson Company team members have years of expertise in every stage of a project, this includes planning, budgeting, help with samples, layouts, code compliance, installation, warranty and project close out.

It’s our goal to make sure that you are involved every step of the way through this seamless process. Larson’s mission is to make your renovation or redesign, a positive experience through open communication, on time delivery, and sticking to the budget. Most importantly, we want to make sure that you love the finished project!

Larson Company - Project Gallery - Auditorium | Theater | Lecture Hall

The Larson Equipment and Furniture Company works with industry leading, innovative manufacturers to provide you with the best solutions possible. We continue to be the go-to dealer for Educational, Healthcare and Corporate products in Northern Illinois. Larson’s reputation is built on trust, transparency, quality, and creating long lasting relationships with satisfied clients!

Let’s Discuss Your Project for 2020!

Is your facility in need of a renovation for the new year?

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